Grassroots Soccer

U4 – U12: Grassroots Soccer

Why was Grassroots Soccer Developed?

Grass Roots Development provides the basis for optimal training and competition kids need to enjoy sports the most and perform their best. The Grass Roots program was developed to teach soccer fundamentals and encourage players to have fun. The Seven (7) stages of player development identified by Canada Soccer are addressed in our Grass Roots Program Vision.

WSSC’s Grassroots Soccer Goals



  • To ensure this first experience is fun and enjoyable and revolves around child-friendly soccer. Most of all, it is to have them fall in love with the game.


  • To provide an opportunity for players to use their imaginations, be creative and learn through trial and error. Mistakes are OK.


  • To offer age and stage appropriate development activities with improved playing formats such as 5v5, 7v7 and 9v9 with ball, goal and field size appropriate to physical and cognitive stage development.


  • To educate coaches so they will make the soccer experience a challenging, positive and nurturing one for all young players regardless of ability, that leads to Soccer for Life.

  • WSSC’s (7 developmental stage) Vision for Grassroots

  1. Creating a safe, fun-filled and positive learning environment in
    which children can develop their appreciation of the game.
  2. Providing a platform for active learning and technical exploration, encouraging children to take ownership of their problem-solving and decision-making processes.
  3. A highlight qualified, experienced coaching staff, who share a passion for the game that is transferred to all our young
  4. To instill a high level of professionalism in our young participants both on and off the field of play.
  5. To nurture and reinforce a child’s intrinsic desire to develop as an athlete and a maturing young person.
  6. To offer a highly professional, secure and dynamic learning enviroment in which excellence may be fostered, achieved and maintained.
  7. Use the many variants of Mini Soccer with 4 goals in practice (instead of attacking one centralized goal, the ball has to be kicked in one of two goals, separated by no less than 12 yards) with the purposed of systematically stimulation the perception skills, a capacity that has to be considered as a base for correct decision-making and execution of technique.

  • Grassroots Coaching for 6 – 12 yrs

  • Grass Roots coaching seeks to instill WSSC coaches with the importance of using soccer activities as an educational instrument to improve the children’s technical, tactical, visual, cognitive and physical capacities. Healthful habits towards the practice of sport, thus maintaining and improving their health. Teaching them to efficiently occupy their leisure time with sports activities, offering enjoyment and pleasure. Contributing to the development of the personality of each one of the young players.