Club excellence

 WSSC has recently achieved Silver Status!

WSSC is a part of the OSA Club Excellence program and has achieved Silver Status as of 2016. The WSSC is working towards achieving Gold Status by the summer of 2019.

This ground-breaking Award entered the Canadian landscape in 2007 and continues to draw attention from Provincial Sport Organizations, National Sport Organizations and Multi Sport Organizations. Through the simply philosophy that we understand what is important to our Clubs and what is right for soccer we are able to provide an Award that challenges Clubs to be the best they can and simultaneously strengthen the soccer system as a whole. This promises to be an exciting program for the Award as Ontario has launched clearly defined criteria as it pertains to the technical side of the game –something many Clubs have been wanting to see. Continuing to use the three tiered approach (Bronze, Silver, Gold) a set of technical standards will be identified that complement the current areas of Governance, Personnel and Community.

In addition to the introduction of LTPD aligned technical criteria the Award will begin to recognise Clubs through their commitment to ‘live’ the Award. This is a change from previous years where Clubs could adopt a range of policies and subsequently be awarded. Clubs will now be required to provide evidence that policy and procedures have been in place prior to their consideration of an Award.

The Award continues to gain strength in its link to our District Associations who provide clarity and perspective when it comes to the assessment of a Clubs progress.

The ongoing support and interaction between Club Development Staff and the Club Excellence awardee allows for regular follow up for advancement and consultation on club progress in a meaningful and beneficial way to our Club Volunteers. To provide a little more insight into the status a Club may carry we’ve outlined them below.